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Lunes 27 Feb 2017 | Año 14 | Edición 4524
    Alan Zeichick OPINION

    Opinion: Not that long ago, hackers emerged as modern-day Robin Hoods, digital heroes who relentlessly uncovered weaknesses in applications and networks to reveal the dangers of using technology carelessly. They are curious, provocative; love to know how things work and how they can be improved. Today, however, there is blight on their good name.

    Hamilton-Mcclure-Fitzgerald OPINION

    Opinion: Signature databases, distributed by antivirus/malware researchers and companies, are an imperfect method for several reasons. As the number of malware variants increase, so do the number of signatures – and this takes more time to process. Also, signatures are of limited use against zero-day attacks that nobody has seen before.

    NetEvents video

    Remember proprietary networks – where you were expected to buy everything from a single provider (and its certified partners)? Those were the good old days for those proprietary vendors’ shareholders and investors, but they were a nightmare for customers who wanted to be free to choose the best solutions, embrace cutting-edge innovation, mix-and-match different capabilities and price points, and avoid the dreaded vendor lock-in. The good news is that proprietary networks are dead, dead, dead.