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Domingo 31 May 2020 | Año 19 | Edición 4946

Wedge Networks introduces Advanced Threat Intelligence for Assured Security Lifecycle Services Orchestration with WedgeIQ

A powerful new combination of big data analytics, intuitive threat visualization, automated learning, and real-time threat intelligence distribution further enhance Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ for agile, assured and orchestrated threat management.

Diario TI 26/11/15 20:13:58

Wedge Networks, a leading orchestrated threat management solutions company for cloud-connectivity, announced on GEN15 the addition of WedgeIQ™, an integrated multi-technology threat intelligence engine, to its  Cloud Network Defense™ (CND) security platform. WedgeIQ introduces powerful, Fortune 500 Enterprise-grade threat intelligence with carrier-grade reliability and scale providing deep threat discovery analytics, intuitive visualization, reporting, automated learning, and real-time global threat intelligence distribution for Wedge CND network security operators and their Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) customers.

WedgeIQ is the newest technology addition to Wedge CND, an orchestrated threat management platform that combats the shifting threat landscape associated with cloud, mobility, Internet of Things and consumerization of IT. By embedding security within the network as an elastic, scalable service, Wedge CDN provides high-performance content inspection in the cloud, in real-time, and applies orchestrated threat management policies on a per customer basis. Wedge security technologies are deployed globally, delivering security protection for tens of millions of users in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, internet services providers, mobile operators, and across all industry verticals.

By integrating multiple technologies for analytics, visualization, learning, and data distribution, WedgeIQ introduces capabilities that allow its threat intelligence to grow and evolve as rapidly as the threat industry, to keep up with and protect against ever increasing threats. The ability of WedgeIQ to analyze big data and produce compelling and intuitive visualizations of threats encountered by the network conveys valuable data that customers can use to evaluate and when appropriate adjust their own internal policies and practices to minimize potential threats. In many cases, it also serves as Wedge CNDs own value-advocate by clearly visualizing the scope and magnitude of threats being managed and mitigated by Wedge CND.

“We’ve all seen the disturbing trend where rapidly changing security threats are outpacing the ability for many organizations to keep up” said James Hamilton, Wedge’s recently appointed CEO. “They simply can’t allocate enough human and capital resource to win the security battle on their own. The ability for conventional service providers to leverage Wedge CND to protect their own network and simultaneously deliver Fortune 500 Enterprise-grade Security-as-aService with carrier-grade reliability and scale to their customers will improve the security landscape for everyone.”

Wedge Networks showcased real-time security services running with WedgeIQ and using Network Functions Virtualization for Security (NFV-S) on the Phonoscope LightWave network as Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrations at the MEF GEN15 Conference in Dallas, Texas.

“We provide broadband, internet connectivity and other services for several thousand businesses and educational institutions across the greater Houston area, representing well over a million students and customer employees” said Mike Mason, senior business development executive of Phonoscope LightWave. “We’ve been evaluating Wedge Cloud Network Defense for both protecting the servers in our hosting environment and for protecting our end customers via Security-as-a-Service. Wedge CND’s ability to detect, diagnose, visualize and act on threats has greatly exceeded our expectations, giving us confidence that we can add security as a compelling incremental service in our portfolio.”

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