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Cylance Builds Momentum across EMEA with Three Major New Partnerships

Cylance establishes partnerships in France, Germany and the Middle East to meet rising demands in EMEA for preventive cybersecurity solutions and services.

Diario TI 23/06/16 19:13:44

Cylance®, the company that is revolutionizing cybersecurity through the use of artificial intelligence to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, today announced the expansion of its EMEA operations with three leading channel partners.

Since the company’s official launch into EMEA in March this year, Cylance has had great success in establishing a presence in UK and the Nordics, with a London office and partnership with Ignition Technology, a leading UK Channel Security Solutions Provider and Coresec, a market leader delivering cyber security and networking solutions in Sweden and Denmark.

As Cylance expands beyond its initial UK and Nordic engagement, the company today announces it has signed a further three new partners across the EMEA region. In France Cylance have signed a reseller partnership with ACENSI Cybersecurity; across Northern Europe, Germany and the UK a partnership with NTT Com Security; and in the Middle East, and Africa a distributor partnership with StarLink. These partnerships are the next step to expedite the growth and adoption of Cylance’s proactive and preventive artificial intelligence technology across the EMEA region.

Benjamin Boulnois, Founder of ACENSI CYBERSECURITY said: “Cybercrime has doubled and ransomware has increased 260 percent in France over the last year. Every day we have new projects and inquiries at the highest levels about Cylance; this is one of those game-changer technologies you see once every ten years.”

David Polton, Chief Technology Architect, NTT Com Security said: “As NTT Com Security continues to support our customers delivering a resilient cyber defence architecture, it is essential that we look at new and emerging capabilities and solutions in the market. This helps our customers understand where best to invest their security budgets in order to make the maximum reduction to the business risk they are exposed to. Through NTT Com Security’s innovation program we evaluate a multitude of new and emerging solutions in order to identify those that meet our customer’s demands. Cylance is the first solution that has successfully completed our innovation program and has formally been adopted as part of our solutions portfolio. Through Cylance’s advanced techniques for malware detection, and more importantly prevention, it plays a key part of NTT Com Security’s resilient cyber defence architecture.”

Avinash Advani, VP Business Strategy at StarLink said: “Cylance fits perfectly into the Threat Protection unit of StarLink’s Solutions Lifecycle.” He added, “With the state of the IT Security landscape in the region, combined with Cylance’s next-generation endpoint technology, there is excellent potential for us to rapidly grow market share by assisting enterprise and government customers to protect their environments against cyberattacks. We are truly excited about this partnership.”

Evan Davidson, VP of EMEA Sales, Cylance said: “We are seeing outstanding interest from customers and partners across the EMEA region, with the recognition that we offer a preventive endpoint solution that really works and breaks the boundaries of traditional AV solutions. We are looking forward to working with our channel partners that have a valued reputation and disruptive approach to cyber security to accelerate market demand across the EMEA region, and to gain a commanding footprint in preventing malware and advanced threats for enterprises across the globe.”

Evan Davidson, VP of EMEA Sales, Cylance (Photo: Diario TI)

Evan Davidson, VP of EMEA Sales, Cylance (Photo: Diario TI)

Cylance has produced the world’s most advanced malware detection and attack prevention technology, which is protecting more than 1000 global organizations and over three million network endpoints today. With ransomware emerging as one of the most challenging cyber threats of 2016 causing real harm to businesses and individuals across the globe, Cylance has established itself as a world leader in combating ransomware attacks with prevention, as well as helping new customers who have called upon the company for assistance in remediation from the effects of cyber attacks that leveraged Trojan malware. With customized cyberattack toolkits available to hackers, this strain of malware is currently causing 90,000 infections per day, and costing businesses worldwide $60 million dollars per year in breach-related costs.