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Sábado 20 Jul 2019 | Año 19 | Edición 4946

Beta versions of Windows 10 will stop working today

Users of preview versions of Windows 10 that have not updated the software will probably experience problems with the system starting today.

Diario TI 15/10/15 17:35:54

As part of the development process of Windows10, Microsoft conducted an extensive beta and testing program, which included not only developers, but also companies and individuals. During this process, the company published a series of beta versions that could be downloaded and activated by the public until the final pre-release version, RTM.

Users who for some reason did not update the beta versions published between January and July; ie just before the RTM version, will be excluded from the Insider program starting today, October 15. In most cases, this means that the computer will not boot.

This has been noticed by Microsoft for a long time, and as a last warning, the old preview versions have been self-resetting every three hours, reminding the user to urgently update or uninstall the software.

Microsoft reports that the devices that from today will stop working must be booted from a physical medium. The main reason that Microsoft completely disable obsolete versions of Windows is the inability to take responsibility for beta software permanently.